“Being in the garden today was the best day of my life.
Can we do this again tomorrow?”

– Kaley, 2nd Grade

Welcome to Grow Organic Kids


Grow Organic Kids is an organic permaculture (think: gardening taken to a whole new level) program that is implemented in schools with a mission to seed and sow organic living laboratories and edible education that lasts long term.

We fulfill this mission by partnering with schools to implement a permaculture and sustainability model on campus.

The Grow Organic Kids Program Includes:

√ STEAM and Common Core aligned curriculum so kids can learn in the garden and meet state objectives;

√ Entire campus permaculture/garden/orchard layout and plan ideal for the individual campus;

√ Full implementation support of this plan (the kids will do this as part of their lessons and we will help to plan all of it aligned with the curriculum) including rainwater harvesting systems, compost systems, orchards, gardens and other components appropriate for the individual campus;

√ Funding;

√ Support writing any additional grants necessary;

√ A 3 year, 3 phase plan to roll out each part of the layout and plan;

√ Ongoing (lifetime) support from our team for any questions or problems (or expansion desires);

√ Garden party suggestions & party plans to get the community engaged and have the kids show off their incredible work;

√ Teacher, staff and grounds team training to care for the gardens;

√ Specific planting cycles so the gardens are inactive during times that kids are not at school;

√ Strategically designed education campaigns to onboard students and staff for composting;

√ Nutrition education kids can take home and implement;

This model is designed to create an incredibly diverse and biologically rich campus and an incredibly empowering experience for students while taking the pressure OFF of schools to secure funding, implement the gardens with expertise and keep things running smoothly.

Creating a Life Changing Experience

We have seen the power of gardens and permaculture in action (see our story about getting started below).

This program implements strategies within the education and inside the design of the permaculture layouts to have an incredibly far reaching impact.

This program also serves to:

√ Deliver leading edge learning strategies within the curriculum that helps the children better connect to

√ Cultivate leadership skills in students;

√ Foster community within classes and in the broader community;

√ Educate about nutrition and support the reduction of childhood obesity through trying new foods;

√ Provide an outdoor classroom that offers variety;