Inspiring students & partnering with gardening organizations to empower communities to plant gardens!

When kids learn about growing their own food in school, they naturally want to take the knowledge out into the community.

Kids & families have asked us how to:

√ Plant at home together;

√ Create a mini farmers market on campus and sell the products they grow to people in the community;

√ Plant in their communities at local businesses;

√ Plant at elderly homes

√ Plant at homeless shelters;

As we establish permaculture and paradise on campuses, we are deeply committed to embedding the opportunity for students to take this into their communities in every way they want to.

We partner with other organizations that are organic and permaculture focused to provide students and families with additional resources to go into the community and help others learn and benefit from growing their own food.

Some of the resources we also provide include:

√ Networking skills

√ Entrepreneurial skills

√ Project planning skills

√ Planting and permaculture plans

√ Teaching and leadership skills

√ Organic, non-GMO seeds to plant in the community with

√ A sustainability plan to ensure that where they plant, they instill the principles of growing they have learned and teach it so others can grow long term

Of course, our team is always just a call or e-mail away to help.